Saturday 7 January 2017

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops | #HighlightGoals

Cover FX isn't a brand we heard a lot about in the UK until fairly recently, little did I know that they had so many gems to offer! One product that has become a firm favourite of mine is their Custom Enhancer Drops in the shade 'Moonlight'.

They can be mixed in with or applied under your regular foundation to give a dewy glow or used directly on top of make-up for a really high impact. Not at all glittery, the drops give a beautiful sheen to the skin when used directly on the high points of the face- tops of cheeks, cupids bow, bridge and tip of the nose and on the brow bone (you may as well go all out!). A little goes a loong way so the tiniest of drops will do!

I like to apply the product with a small stipple brush from the back of my hand so it can be blended without any harshness, then pat in evenly using a damp Beauty Blender so as not to move any foundation around. It dries and sets pretty fast so you need to work quickly or you can end up with quite an obvious stripe once it's set.

Moonlight is a slightly warm champagne shade which works really well on my skin tone as well as on mid to dark tones skin so it's a great all rounder. On my model above, I patted a small amount onto her cheeks using my fingertips then patted smooth with a damp Beauty Blender for high impact. 

There are loads of shades to choose from from paler more pearly shades to darker bronze shades, with or without shimmer. At £34 the Custom Enhancer drops aren't cheap but you only need the tiniest bit of product to make an impact so it's sure to last you a long time. They can be purchased HERE from SpaceNK in the UK! 

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