Wednesday 4 January 2017

Be In The Know...Beauty Pie!

With so many new beauty products out on the market every year, it takes a lot for a beauty junkie like myself to get excited over a concept. Beauty Pie however, piqued my interest straight away!

Basically, the idea with Beauty Pie is that you pay a monthly fee of £10 to become a member so that you have the privilege of buying their high-end quality products at rock bottom factory prices, no mark up! On their site you can see how much the product would normally cost to a non-member- for example,
their Every Day Great Skin Foundation is £30 to buy for a non member, but just £5.06 at factory cost for members! It's worth noting that you can buy any of their products without being a member, at the 'regular' price point.

Not to be confused with subscription boxes, Beauty Pie don't just send you out a box of random products each month, you get to choose the products you want and buy just those (on top of the membership fee). There is a limit of £100 worth of products (regular price value) that you can buy each month. It all sounds a bit confusing but it's simple once you get your head around the idea!

On first glances, the packaging of a few of the products instantly remind me of other brand's high end packaging- Bobbi Brown, anyone? After trying a few of the products I can definitely attest to the fact that the quality IS high end. The Every Day Great Skin Foundation is an amazing dupe of Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in my opinion, the finish, coverage and lasting power is incredibly similar, and for just £5 compared to the £37 you'd be forking out for the Armani, it's definitely worth a try!

I also tried out a lip gloss and lipstick from the brand, although I'm not a regular lip gloss wearer I did like their Superglazy Lip Gloss in the shade 'Sugar Buns'. The non-sticky formula applied smoothly and left a subtle glaze on my lips, loved the shape of the applicator too! I paired this with their Matte Futurelipstick in the shade 'Cowboy Nude', the perfect 'your lips but better' rosey nude colour. The formula lasted well and comfortably all day, though I feel it could be more pigmented for a matte lipstick- it's fine with a few swipes though. Both are swatched below:

Another stand out product for me was the One Powder Wonder, a super finely milled translucent powder, it set my foundation and stopped me getting oily, but didn't dull down my skin and definitely no cakiness either. The powder is so fine that I could barely feel it on my fingers when I swatched, but it was definitely there! I have my eye on their Pro-Glow Highlighter next!

All in all, if you are someone who is into premium quality products but don't want to pay an arm and a leg for it, this could be ideal for you! The minimum term for membership is 3 months, but if you are a make-up lover and are likely to make use of your membership, I think it's definitely worth a try.

Let me know what you think!


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