Friday 2 June 2017

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation | Review and Swatches

I'm forever being asked for affordable foundation recommendations and I always say the same thing, foundations are one part of my makeup routine that I like to splurge on for quality. Then I tried this Total Control Drop Foundation from NYX...

Packaged in this sleek glass bottle, with a dropper/pipette applicator, it definitely feels like a high end foundation

Most importantly, the formula doesn't disappoint. I've never tried a foundation like it, it's super liquidy- it literally runs down your face if you dropper it on as I tend to do. Somehow though, it dries to a beautiful matte finish without being cakey at all. At first I tested it without powdering at all, it lasted perfectly for a few hours but I got very shiny in my problem areas around my nose and forehead quite early on. So the next time I powdered and it lasted all day, only starting to fade on my nose a little by the late evening. For me that's amazing as I'm usually an oil slick by the end of the day if I use anything other than my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation.

The "Light' Row.

The 'Medium' Row

The "Dark' Row


The idea with this foundation is that you have total control of how much coverage you'd like, hence the name. NYX say to use two drops for sheer coverage, three for medium coverage and four+ for full coverage. One thing I have to say is that I do have to use quite a few drops to get the sort of coverage I like, it is very light- but I love the control I have as it doesn't get cakey at all even with the build up. I can imagine getting through a bottle pretty fast if I used it every day, at £14 a bottle though, it won't break the bank to repurchase! 

I find it works best by dropping directly onto the skin and working in with a brush, then buffing away any lines with a Beauty Blender. Using a Beauty Blender last avoids the very liquidy foundation getting absorbed by the sponge straight away, but I ALWAYS have to finish my foundation off with a sponge, nothing else gives me the flawless finish that I like.

Shade Range

For an affordable foundation, the shade range is brilliant. There are 24 shades in total, ranging from the palest 'Pale' shade, to the darkest- 'Deep Espresso'. I love that there are a broad range of shades, not just pink toned nude colours. There's a good selection of cool and warm tones in each shade range too, light, medium and deep. I really think this is one where most people will find a colour to suit them, if not then it won't hurt too much to buy two and mix shades for the price point.

I matched myself with 'Vanilla' and I'm usually an NC20 in MAC foundation. It oxidised veryy slightly on me throughout the day, although I don't think I've ever found a foundation that hasn't oxidised on me, it must be my skin!

All in all, for £14 I think it's a great all rounder foundation- I think it could work well on most skin types, maybe barring the most dry skin as it does set matte. Definitely give it a try next time you're at a NYX stand or at the NYX Westfield Stratford store!

The foundation is available HERE on the NYX website.

Let me know if you try it! X



  1. love this post!
    It sounds so good! I love the fact you can control your coverage tbh.
    I need this in my life now!
    Also I feel like they've got a good shade range.

    ibreathemakeup |

    1. Yes it's SO good for the price, let me know what you think of it if you get it! X

  2. Thats so true that the fragrance of any cologne or lotion bring you back to the old beautiful time. I used bath and body's lotion on my honeymoon and its fragrance still takes me back to my honey moon time.

  3. Recently, I did makeup classes for beginners by Lina Cameron , I have seen very good review about this foundation. I live in U.K , I checked in superdrug and boots, but didn't get this. Can you please tell me where I will get this and which shade will be suitable for NC42?


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