Friday 11 August 2017

Perfect Wedding Day Fragrances for the Asian bride | Jo Malone

Having done the makeup for countless brides during my career, I've shared the final rushed moments before a girl leaves her home for her wedding many times. One of the last things almost every girl does before she leaves is spritz her wedding day perfume all over, I did it myself on my own wedding day.

I didn't know then just how important that wedding fragrance would become to me, one sniff of that perfume and I'm transported back to all the feelings of giddy nerves, excitement and anticipation of that day and as I used it afterwards too - it reminds me of the honeymoon period! Hardly anything brings back a rush of memories like a scent does and I wish I'd paid more attention to the perfume that I wore on my big day as I now feel like I've grown out of scent I chose!

There are very few events more lavish than a big fat Asian wedding, so it only makes sense to choose fragrances that are just as opulent for your big day. When I think of luxury fragrances, Jo Malone is where my mind strays to straight away. With their lush packaging and beautiful long lasting scents, I don't think you can go wrong. Here are some picks from the brand that I think are perfect layered or used separately. I strayed away from the floral scents that are usually associated with wedding day perfumes and chose these beauties! From a dry oil, to body cream to a Perfume, I've got you covered!

Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Dry Body Oil

New to me, this Dry Body Oil is probably my favourite of the three products as it's not the usual way I'd choose to scent myself but works so well. It smells absolutely stunning- I'd describe the smell as rich and woody, with a touch of sweetness. Not only does it leave you smelling heavenly, it conditions your skin and leaves a beautiful subtle glow once you've rubbed it in, leaving no stickiness either. The smells lingers all day and isn't at all overpowering. This might be one that is perfect for after the wedding too, when you're tired and want to freshen up, this is perfect to revive your skin and leave you glistening too.

Myrrh & Tonka Cologne Intense

Fragrance is such a personal thing, but if you like sweet, musky scents that are rich without being overpowering, this might be your perfect pick from Jo Malone. It differs from the usual Oud scent, but still somehow has a familiar Middle Eastern kick to it. Notes of almond and vanilla sweeten the deal to make it such a pleasant, wearable scent. It could easily be layered over the Dry Oil or Body Creme to create a customised fragrance or used alone, it's so versatile but stands well alone too.

Velvet Rose & Oud Body Creme

If I were to ask most people I know what their favourite Jo Malone scent is, I can almost be certain that they'd say Velvet Rose & Oud. The most decadent of Jo Malone fragrances in my opinion, this smells just as you'd expect an Oud scent to smell, with the added hit of rose. An option I hadn't considered before is this fragrance in the Body Creme form. Just as strong as it's sister Cologne, this creme packs as much of a punch in the fragrance stakes as if you'd sprayed in on yourself. It leaves your skin beautifully moisturised while leaving you smelling deliciously rich and like you'd fit right in in the Middle East. I also love the Cologne Intense in this scent, I've just run out of a full bottle!

Whether you want to buy yourself your wedding scent or are looking for a gift for bride to be, Jo Malone have you covered. I've even discovered that they have a special 'Bridal Lace Bottle Collection' with even more beautifully packaged versions of these same Colognes, but for your wedding day- or any occasion really!

Let me know if you check any of these fragrances out, or how you chose to fragrance yourself on your wedding day!


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