Saturday 27 May 2017

The Body Shop Eid Treats Collection | Countdown To Eid

Ramadan Kareem my lovelies! Hope you're all having a great first fast and that these long days aren't too testing for you! IF they are, you might enjoy a little treat at the end of the day, to have a little pamper when you're not feeling your best. That's where this gem comes in!

For the last few years, The Body Shop have released a 'Countdown To Eid' beauty calendar, this year being no different. I was kindly sent one to review and am honestly astounded by the beauty of the thing. 

The attention to detail in the packaging is second to none, I really appreciate the thought that seems to have gone into the Islamic inspired design of the product. It comes in a hard cardboard outer packaging, with double doors that open to reveal the prettiest little individual boxes, numbered to 30 in Arabic. Thirty boxes of-course, so that you are able to open a box each day until Eid to reveal a Body Shop beauty treat (give or take a day dependent on the moon!). 

I think it's a brilliant idea, we tend to neglect ourselves during the month of Ramadan, which is understandable; but, there's reward in looking after yourself too! This is a great way to encourage yourself or a friend/relative to do the same.

There's a great mix of The Body Shop products in the box, ranging from skincare, bodycare, makeup, fragrance and even tools like brushes and a nail buffer. I'll include a full list right at the bottom of this post incase you don't want a complete spoiler! 

It isn't cheap at £80, but you are paying for a luxurious treat, full size Body Shop goodies and the end of each day. Worth it in my opinion if you are a beauty lover like myself and consider that the contents of the box combined are worth over £150.

 It'd be a great gift for someone for Ramadan, especially a young girl who is maybe keeping her first year of fasts, or a teen who you'd like to make Ramadan more exciting for without it being childish. The products inside are definitely suited to anyone though, young or old!

Some may say that bringing out an Eid range is just a marketing ploy from brands, designed to bring in the Muslim consumer, which may be true. However, I personally love the fact that we are being recognised as a valuable consumer, with huge buying power behind us! Everyone I know loves a Muslim targeted product, it's lovely to feel included, especially with a product so wonderfully thought out and designed, embracing the beauty of Islamic art.

I even plan to keep the individual boxes and packaging to use once empty, when my son is old enough to understand I'd love to fill each box with little treats for him to make Ramadan that little more exciting, I can't wait myself!

The Body Shop Eid Treats Collection is available HERE in the UK for £80.


  • Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Gel 60ml
  • Nail Shiner Big
  • Lipstick and Concealer Brush
  • Shea Body Butter 50ml
  • Almond Hand Cream 30ml
  • Bath Lily White
  • Facial Cleansing Sponge
  • Vitamin E Moisture Cream 50ml
  • Slanted Brush
  • Black Musk Body Lotion 60ml
  • Lip Liner Clover Pink 1.25G
  • Strawberry Bath and Shower Gel 60ml
  • Make up Sponge
  • White Musk Smoky Rose Body Lotion 60ml
  • Indian Night Jasmine Shower Gel 60ml
  • Gel Pen Liner Black 0.283G
  • Mango Lip Butter 10ml
  • Pencil Sharpener Small
  • Eye Definer Black 1.1G
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Lotion 60ml
  • Camomile Eye Make-up Remover 60ml
  • Strawberry Lip Butter 10ml
  • Lash & Brow Comb
  • Vanilla and Tonka Bean Home Fragrance Oil 10ml
  • Cream Bath Gloves Cream
  • Eye Definer Turquoise 1.1G
  • Bath Gloves White
  • English Dawn Gardenia Shower Gel 60ml
  • British Rose Hand Cream 30ml
  • Black Musk EDT 30ml

They also have multiple other, more affordable Ramadan/Eid gifts you can choose from, HERE

Let me know if you buy anything and whether you'd be interested in seeing a complete Eid gift guide for Him or Her, in a blog post or video!



  1. Eid is holy occasion for us Muslims and I think that this is pretty awesome and neat collection for the Eid. Thanks for sharing the awesome and brief review of them.

  2. I completely agree Ramadan Kareem my lovelies, i am going to finalized whether then I got ideas about the title of my next articles. Thanks for sharing this.


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