Tuesday 16 May 2017


Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadows (£23)  had my attention as soon as I laid my eyes on them, glitter that's already mixed in an easy to wear liquid? Right up my street!
As far as I'm concerned, you can never have enough glitter- if you follow me on Instagram you'll know
this by just looking through my photos!

You can see me test these out in a video: HERE 

These little beauties are definitely one of my favourite makeup finds of the year, I've barely touched my pot glitter eyeshadows since I bought these which is really saying something. Packaged in neat little rectangle bottles, these eyeshadows pack a real punch. They're super easy to use, you can apply directly onto your eyelid using the doe foot applicator or use a brush, applying directly definitely gives the most payoff though.

The glitter fallout from using these is minimal if you even have any at all, I personally haven't noticed an issue when using these but some people have mentioned a little. As with any glitter product, as the glitter particles in this are 'real glitter' and not just shimmer, if you rub at it rigorously with a blending brush you may have some fall out.

I haven't had any creasing with these either, I just pop a bit on and I'm good to go all day. Removal is easy too, I can remove these quickly with a wipe or makeup remover without getting glitter everywhere or scratching my eyes, which is a big plus for me.

Without Flash.
Top to Bottom: Molten Midnight, Bronzed Bell, Smoldering Satin, Smoky Storm, Gold Goddess, Diamond Dust.
With Flash.
Top to Bottom: Molten Midnight, Bronzed Bell, Smoldering Satin, Smoky Storm, Gold Goddess, Diamond Dust.

As you can see from the photos, even without the flash they eyeshadows 'glow' as the name suggests! There is definitely a difference between colour payoff/ texture dependent on the shade you use though. From the colours that I have, I find that 'Gold Goddess' and and 'Diamond Dust' have the least payoff, I'd describe these as more of 'topper' to be worn to add sparkle over eyeshadow rather than worn alone- I actually like this as I feel they are a lot more versatile like this as a plain silver and gold shade. 

The other shades though have a lot more of a pigmented base colour to them, making them easy to be worn alone and blended out or worn over eyeshadow. My favourites are Smoky Storm and Bronzed Moon, the latter having the most colour and glitter payoff of them all. I tend to apply my eyeshadow, complete all my blending etc, then add these as a final step and soften the edges softly before applying eyeliner/lashes.     

The glitter in these is very fine, so if you prefer a chunky, very high impact glitter then these may not be for you; although I have applied these and then added more of my own glitter on top- the base works perfectly as glue for added glitter too!

I highly recommend these if you are on the market for a glitter eyeshadow without any of the faff, there's no need to shy away from them even if you're a beginner. Let me know if you've tried these or if you'll be picking one up!

The Stila Glitter and Glow Eyeshadows are available HERE and are £23 each.                 


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